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  • When slumlords try to take advantage of our community, he pushed to clean up neighborhoods and hold absentee landlords accountable
  • Tim is leading the fight to rid our neighborhoods of “zombie houses” by making sure big banks took responsibility for foreclosed upon properties
  • He secured necessary funding for anti-violence organizations who are working to make our streets safer

When children in our area are at risk, Tim Kennedy is there to stand up for them.

  •  He championed Jay J's law to strengthen pentalties against repeat child abusers and make sure those who harm our most vulnerable are brought to justice. 
  •  When it was clear our child welfare system was failing families, he authored a set of reforms to improve the investigations of abuse and neglect.
  • And he has secured millions in funding for Child Advocacy Centers to improve help for those who need it most. 



Tim Kennedy fought Albany to make sure Western New York gets it’s fair share

  • When the Department of Transportation made a mistake that cost us $167 million, Tim fought to make sure they made it right. 
  • He worked to secure millions of dollars to fix potholes, and repair our crumbling roads and bridges.
  • Tim was the visionary behind the South Park Avenue Revitalization Project
  • He introduced important reform legislation for New York State’s Complete Streets Law to make our roadways safer for all commuters.


  • Tim believes all hardworking WNY'ers deserve to be treated fairly regardless of their age, gender or race.
  • He fought to raise the minimum wage for all hardworking New Yorkers
  • Tim helped provide workers with the training programs they need to apply and secure employment
  • Tim secured a one billion dollar commitment from the state to bring new jobs and companies to WNY.
  • He successfully negotiated with Time Warner to locate one of their call centers in the district, creating 300 new jobs in Western New York
  • When the UB2020 plan was stalled by endless gridlock, he pushed the plan that got the project moving again
  • Tim helped provide workers with the training programs they need to apply and secure employment


  • Tim helped to decrease tax rates on the middle class to the lowest in sixty years
  • Homeownership for too long has seemed unattainable for middle class families he found the funding to make it possible for them once again.
  • When the State Department of Education hastily rolled out the Common Core and negatively impacted students across New York Tim was a leading voice in the call to slow the rollout down and get it right.
  • He helped develop a valuable new online tool which will allow parents to more easily access and find afterschool and summer learning programs for their children