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Good Jobs and Fair Wages

  • Tim believes all hardworking WNY'ers deserve to be treated fairly regardless of their age, gender or race.
  • He fought to raise the minimum wage for all hardworking New Yorkers
  • Tim helped provide workers with the training programs they need to apply and secure employment

When people work hard and play by the rules they deserve to be treated fairly. Tim has long fought against discriminatory wage policies that hurt workers and families. He has been an active supporter of the Fair Pay Act, which would end wage discrimination on the basis of age, gender or race.

Far too many New Yorkers are working low-wage jobs –  from students working minimum-wage jobs to cover tuition costs, senior citizens trying to supplement depleted retirement savings, to single parents relying on low-wage employment to care for children. Minimum wage standards in New York State have been inadequate, forcing hardworking men and women to constantly struggle to make ends meet. 

Tim pushed Albany to raise the minimum wage and this year with his help the state has put a plan in place to do exactly that. By December 31, 2014 the minimum wage in New York will be raised to $8 an hour and by the end of 2015 it will go up to $9.00 an hour. No one working forty hours a week should be forced to live in poverty. That's why Tim will continue to fight to raise the minimum wage even higher in New York State. 

Throughout Western New York businesses are hiring but job openings have gone unfilled despite high employment because many applicants lack the skills necessary to do the job. Tim has taken action to make sure our workforce is armed with the skills and knowledge they need to fill these promising positions. He pushed for increased funding for community colleges so they can develop the programs and curriculum necessary to help students succeed in their career path.